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Data is incredibly valuable,All data has the potential to betray you,” .  “We need much more honesty, about what data is being collected and about the inferences that they’re going to make about people. What are the consequences now and in the future . In the name of providing support , invasion of privacy goes unnoticed.


Cisco the giant networking and cloud company scoops another billion dollar startuPU Connect:
Cisco scoops up yet another cloud company, acquiring SD-WAN startup Viptela for $610 M
 Cisco has been rather acquisitive in recent years buying 19 companies since 2015, and today it announced it was acquiring cloud-based SD-WAN vendor Viptela for $610 million in cash.
Viptela was founded in 2012 and had raised over $108 million, including its most recent $75 million round just last May. The $610 million price tag appears to be a nice return for investors.

ATM That Loads Latest Movies Into Your Stick(USB)


Move over Blu-Ray: Ethiopia has some killer content distribution vending machines that spit out the latest movies straight to your USB stick – no discs required. Disguised as unassuming ATM points, the bright yellow kiosks act as full-fledged self-service media distributors and can be readily found in local malls across the country, TorrentFreak reports. As you might guess, the legalities of setting up such machines are highly questionable, to say the least. “At the beginning of this year, All Mart (the Walmart equivalent here) brought in a new machine. It’s basically a monitor with a USB port but shaped like an ATM. It’s… Awesome.